Chrismon tree

We have a Chrismon tree in the narthex. What is it? Our elves have been busy planning a brighter Christmas celebration for our Morningstar children. A Chrismon tree takes a Christmas tree to a higher purpose.  Chrismons  are  white or gold ornaments decorated with Christian symbols to help Christians remember the celebration is of Jesus’s birthday.  The word Chrismon is a combination of Christ and monogram (meaning symbol). The colors white and gold symbolize the liturgical color of the season and Christ’s majesty.  The St. Mark’s Chrismon tree invites parishioners to support a Morningstar child at Christmas.  Here’s how it works: On the tree will be boy and girl tags representing a Morningstar child. As each “angel” is taken from the tree, it is replaced with a Chrismon ornament, found in a basket next to the tree. As wrapped gifts are returned and placed under the tree, the recipient is designated by the original name tag.  See how simple that is!

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